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Prague or "City of a thousand towers" is one of the most amazing European cities. Being one of the best-preserved medieval centres throughout Europe, the town was included on UNESCO world heritage. Prague is an ideal city for lovers of castles, cathedrals and culture. For centuries, churches were built, residences and palaces, synagogues and Hebrew cemetery district and the majestic Charles Bridge on the River Vltava. Nowadays, Charles Bridge is a stage for musicians, flame swallowing and various artists, to the delight of passers.
  • Member of the European Union and the Schengen Area.
  • Location in the heart of Europe. For example, 2 hours drive to Germany. 
  • Low cost of living than UK, Germany, France, etc.
  • Diverse range of study programmes in foreign languages.
  • Long tradition of quality education.
  • You can come for short study visit or to complete your degree.
  • Cultural Experience and fascinating history.


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