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At UCE we appreciate the importance of finding the right financial support package for your postgraduate programme and these pages aim to support you in this process.

There is no postgraduate equivalent of the undergraduate Student Loans/Grants system (unless you are EU national where a tuition fee loan can be applied for, for full or part time postgraduate students) and any non-repayable postgraduate financial support is usually awarded on a competitive basis. Planning your finances therefore needs to be a key part of your preparation for your postgraduate study.

One source of financial support may not be adequate to cover all of your expenditure. Consequently, it is a good idea to begin by working out a realistic estimate of what you will need to cover your tuition fees and living costs and then to be prepared to look for financial support to cover these from a range of sources.

The options available for international students are:


Loan from their government

Loan from local banks (Students from South Africa, USA and India frequently use this method)

Part-time work

UCE also offers scholarships to deserving students. But it mainly depends on the academic performance of the student in first year of studies at UCE.


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