Language Courses


We offer a range of language courses designed to meet specific needs. We take pride in our flexibility in organising personal activities around our programmes to make learning a fun academic experience. To ensure that each lesson is customised to your needs, almost all of our programmes require you to take a placement test that would determine your language proficiency level. This would allow you to be among peers of similar levels to effectively learn the language together at a greater pace.

Generally language courses are offered to students free of charge who have difficulty communicating in English.

Intensive English

The UCE English for Foreign Students course is designed with the explicit objective of equipping our learners with the strategies to learn English. They gain an understanding of the process of English Language acquisition, enabling them to continue with their pursuit of academic and professional excellence with other UCE programmes.

The course improves the students' listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. Throughout the whole course the integrated approach is used. The program takes the form of classroom activities in which the students listen, discuss, read and write. As students progress from one stage to the next they become more involved in listening, speaking, reading and writing required of them in the academic mainstream. Students gain greater confidence in the use of English vocabulary with contextual accuracy and spontaneity. The Advanced Stage is integrated with the other UCE programmes to enable Academic English skills development.

At UCE we believe in a holistic approach to learning seen clearly in our integrated approach of language delivery. The program encompasses a range of classroom and outdoor activities in which the students listen, discuss, read, analyse, critique and write. As students progress from stage to stage they become more involved in learning the strategies of listening, speaking, reading and writing required of them in the academic mainstream.

Business English

This program is designed primarily to improve proficiency in English language to be used confidently, effectively and efficiently in business situations, involving internal staff and external customer service. Highly effective with intensive learning modules included for self- development, reinforced with face-to-face teaching.

Participants are provided step-by-step guidance to equip them with the essential macro-skills of language learning principles and communicative strategies specifically for business contexts, to build their self-confidence with correct and appropriate English. This intensive course addresses the academic and practical aspects of Business English including pre-assessment tests, demonstration of English usage in business situations and examination of English principles.

This course aims to:

Equip students with business communication and will have a great advantage in the jobs market and much greater flexibility.

Develop students writing, reading, listening and speaking skills.

Enhance students' vocabulary and grammar in business terms

Expose students to types of business correspondence e.g. letters and memos.

Introduce students to oral skills.

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