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Students can pay directly to the College Bank Account

Bank transfer (Bank to Bank)
Payment of tuition fees (and accommodation fees) may be paid by bank transfer direct to the College bank account. This is a safe and secure way of transferring money. Remember to tell the bank that you wish to pay in pounds (GB£ sterling).

The bank transfer must includes the following information about the student

Student Name
Student Date of Birth: DD-MM-YYYY
Student Application number
What the payment is for, ie: tuition fees and/or accommodation fees

Please do not send any money, except for tuition fees. Any money received for living expenses will be returned to its source. If students need to have access to funds for living expenses, then you should bring a banker’s draft in their own name.

Credit Card or Debit Card
The College can accept payment for tuition fees and accommodation fees via most major credit cards. Make sure that the credit limit is sufficient to allow making this payment. Check with your bank or credit provider. This method is only available at College Premises. We can only accept payment by card in person.

Although you can pay your fees in cash, you are strongly advised NOT to bring a large amount of cash with you to the College. The College discourage cash payments and will only accept in exceptional circumstances.


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