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Students are required to complete the college admission application form according to the guidance and information contained in Study Guide or application form of UCE. Particularly, the students must ensure that they fully understand the terms and conditions of acceptance for any course, methods to pay College Fees and Tuition Fees Refund Procedures. In case of applying for admission online or by post or courier services, following documents must be sent with the application form to the college admission department.

The students must send us their signed application form.Child students are required the consent of their parent or guardian for the acceptance on any course at UCE. Their parents (or guardians) must sign the application form on behalf of child students. If application form is signed by a guardian or parent in case of child student the proof of relationship or guardianship, sponsorship declaration and their full contact details must be submitted with the application form.

Certified copies of all professional qualifications and academic progress certificates or reports.

One recent passport size photograph.

Copy of current passport

Work experience (if required)

The submitted information and documentations with application must be true. Students have to face disciplinary action in case of submission of false information or fake documentations at any stage during the College Admission Application Procedure by College Admissions Action Committee. The applicants can submit their application either by post or email.

Provisional Acceptance/Rejection

Upon receipt of completed admission application form, UCE admissions will inform the student or his representative within five to ten working days. If the application has been accepted the college will send a letter of acceptance which must be signed by student and send back to our admissions department via email or post. If we are unable to offer a place for desired course to student we will inform the student or his representative accordingly.


If a student is accepted for any course at UCE, he/she will be asked to forward his/her tuition fees deposit stated in offer letter to the College Finance Department within two weeks from the date of acceptance.


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